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Decameron Explorer Morocco (DMC) joined forces with a Moroccan production company to organize 100% of the handling of Desafio 2014! “Desafio” means challenge… in every sense of the word! For this reality show, three teams were competing: Celebrities, Survivors and Challengers. They played in hostile places, fighting for survival and honour. Recording this show meant that 180 Columbian stayed for two months and a half, that an average of 90 people/day (workers, translators and guides) were employed and that 30 to 40 vehicles of various sizes were used 24 hours a day. Caracol TV and Decameron Explorer Morocco’s common goal was to produce “El Desafio”, a prime time reality show which is broadcasted over 4 months on Columbian TV and, on cable TV, in 27 countries in America and in Europe. To see to the complete logistics, to find the filming and accommodation sites, to get the authorizations of the various Government Departments and of the CCM, to ensure transfers to and from the various airports, to confirm flights, to organize tours and promotional night events, to negotiate services, to manage the local crews, the translators, the commodity and raw material buyers, to link between customs and forwarders, to prevent contingency from becoming a handicap, to make sure that everything runs smoothly from A to Z: this was our mission! The result speaks for itself… Have a look at Desafio 2014 Facebook page: the pictures, the comments, Caracol TV’s audience ratings reflect our shared success in this project! You want to organize a major event? You are looking for the ideal partner, the one that will handle your event and see your project through, from the preparatory work to the final outcome? Here we are!


Our know-how is at your disposal. Combining our local knowledge with global scope, we will meet your highest expectations and serve your needs in matters of incentive and seminars. Far more than basic business meetings, you will experience with Decameron Explorer Morocco exceptional and fully satisfactory moments. For everything we offer, we focus on professionalism and complete change of scenery. In exceptional settings, you will enjoy the comfort of our hotels, the quality of our meeting/conference rooms and our suggestions to make the most of your incentive stay. For your MICE getaways, we have negotiated preferential rates on:
- Team Building (Golf, Kart, Paintball...)
-Conference rooms (amphitheatres, committee and sub-committee rooms)
- Equipment (dedicated and complimentary technical assistance)
- Translation services
- Staff to see to your requests
- Basic or original coffee breaks
- Cocktail buffets
- Yoga, salsa, zumba or golf classes
- Cooking or sewing classes, tadelakt or spices workshops
- Sport and leisure activities on water, sand or lawn (Surf, Paddle, Body Board, Football, ‘Pétanque’…)
- Exclusive classic, cultural, ecological or entertaining and exciting Explo-riences


According to your professional profile, to your business activity and of course to the opportunities existing in Morocco, we will make sure you will spend a wonderful time unwinding with your colleagues during your MICE stay, combined with short visits in industrial plants, in farms or various local businesses, so that you can exchange experiences and discover local specificities depending on traditions, climate, etc. Some of our customers have already experienced it. You belong to the agricultural profession? You will visit farms and packing stations as well as various cooperatives. You are a wine professional? You will visit the Moroccan cellars and taste our delicious wines. You are self-employed? We will arrange for you to meet fellow experts. These opportunities can always be enhanced with various Explo-riences, in settings that make experiences like this not only useful but also very pleasant.